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Item #: 2386873X
Available Date: 10/30/2021

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Arcade1Up Pong 2 Player Counter-cade

Grab a friend, step up to the counter, and its game on. Arcade1Up’s new 2 PLAYER counter-cades are here!

Amazing additions to your home bar, office, dorm room or anywhere else you’d want to squeeze in some retro gaming, Arcade1Up’s counter-cades are compact in size, but tremendous in fun.

Yep, here it is, the early wave video game sensation in all of its retro chic glory, PONGÒ! Oh, and there’s way more counter appeal beyond the authentic gameplay of the original…inside are five additional Atari classics that utilize those spinner controls: PongÒ Doubles, PongÒ Sports, WarlordsÒ, Super BreakoutÒ and Tempest™!

Arcade1Up counter-cades. THE way to bring that classic arcade experience home, even if you’re short on space! SUPERB!


  • Pong
  • Pong Doubles
  • Pong Sports
  • Warlords
  • Super Breakout
  • Tempest


  • 8in screen
  • 2 player H2H
  • Head Phone Port


  • Dimensions: 19.5” D x 6.75” W x 15” H
  • Weight: 13.67lbs

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