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Prins Thomas 5
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Double LP version. Hi-quality art with gold print; Black polylined inner sleeves. After the slightly more conceptual Principe Del Norte album (2016), Prins Thomas's 5 takes two steps forward and one step back, collecting a batch of tracks that were recorded right after Principe Del Norte and in tandem with the Square One album with Bjørn Torske (2017). A "freedom" album of sorts, beyond the slightly misleading album opener "Here Comes The Band", there's a variety in these tracks tracing inspiration from a 35-year (unhealthy) obsession with all things "good music" played enthusiastically. 5 also marks the launch of Prins Thomas's new label, Prins Thomas Musikk. "Here Comes The Band" is very loosely inspired by Bandwagonesque-era Teenage Fanclub (1991). Melodic ideas were hummed into a handheld recorder and specific notes about instrumentation were scribbled down while on holiday in Villajoyosa in Spain and it turned into the little ditty "Villajoyosa". Thomas made "Bronchi Beat" in bed during a rough patch of bronchitis. Heavily influenced by prescription cough medicine. "Αθήνα" is partly inspired by a detour into the soundtrack of Prins Thomas's early teens (Paul Hardcastle, Warp 9, Maze, Mtume). "Æ" is another bronchitis-ridden idea. Slow and low is the tempo with a beat originally inspired by Brian Briggs's "AEO" and melodies beamed in from Wally Badarou. "Æ" is the Norwegian pronounciation of the "A" in acid referring to the 303 screeches. "Ø" gives you the impression Prins might be running out of ideas for track titles. "Lunga Strada" took Prins the longest to complete hence the "long road". "London Til Lisboa" was another idea from a trip on a plane with direction steered by Plaid and Pat Metheny. "Å" was initially the final track and then: Prins scrapped idea for the alphabet soup of Principe Del Norte. The track later evolved into what is here. "Venter på Torske" is the final recorded addition to the album. It was made while Prins was waiting for Bjørn Torske to reply on a text message... "Aske Hermansen" is probably as soppy as it gets with me. Prins made this on the road missing my wife and kids, literally putting tears into his computer keyboard.


Title: Prins Thomas 5
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Prins Thomas
Label: Prins Thomas Musikk
Number of Discs: 2
Attributes: 2 Pack
Release Date: 12/1/2017
Product Type: LP
UPC: 4260038318768
Item #: 1974038X
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