Abba | Ring Ring | Vinyl LP

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Originally released in 1973 on Polar Records, Ring Ring is the debut album from the Swedish pop group ABBA. The album wasn't released worldwide initially but it was a big hit in the territories that it was released in, notably topping the charts in Belgium. The first song "People Need Love" was recorded in the spring of 1972, but it was only after the title track "Ring Ring" became a hit, that the four members decided to go on working together as a permanent group.


LP Track Listing:

Side A

1. Ring, Ring (Bara Du Slog en Signal) (Swedish version)

2. Another Town, Another Train

3. Disillusion

4. People Need Love

5. I Saw It In The Mirror

6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina

Side B

1. Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)

2. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother

3. He Is Your Brother

4. Ring, Ring (English version)

5. I Am Just A Girl

6. Rock 'n Roll Ban