alt-J | An Awesome Wave | Vinyl LP

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When An Awesome Wave dropped in 2012, the UK-based band were getting all sorts of praise (ahem, winner of the 2012 Mercury Prize), being described by some as "the next Radiohead." While that is a hefty comparison to live up to, there are certainly some similarities aside from them both being British. The band makes many innovative choices in their music, while somehow remaining curiously pop-centric and accessible. It's sounds like a strange dichotomy, but listen to any of the tracks here and it makes sense. Take "Tesselate," one of the big singles for instance - it captures a progressive indie rock vibe while still staying within reach to the masses. I guess this balance is what Radiohead would accomplish, but alt-J got it on their first up to bat. Other highlights include "Breezeblocks," "Something Good," and "Matilda." 13 tracks in all with free download included.

LP Track Listing:

1. intro

2. ripe and ruin

3. tessellate

4. breezeblocks

5. guitar

6. something good

7. dissolve me

8. matilda

9. ms

10. fitzpleasure