Amon Amarth | Once Sent From The Golden Hall | Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP

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Limited to 500

Deeply rooted in death metal with firm beliefs in Viking mythology, AMON AMARTH formed in 1992 in Tumba, Sweden, a southern suburb of Stockholm. They began writing material with an abundance of melodies, harmonies and lyrics about Vikings and the northern gods. In March 1997 AMON AMARTH entered again Abyss Studios to record their Metal Blade debut "Once Sent From The Golden Hall" with Peter Tgtgren. The result proved that they were destined to become force of fury in the Swedish Death Metal scene and beyond.

LP Track Listing:

1. Ride for Vengeance

2. The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves

3. Without Fear

4. Victorious March

5. Friends of the Suncross

6. Abandoned

7. Amon Amarth

8. Once Sent from the Golden Hall