Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Original London Cast | The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Box | CD Set

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The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Celebration box set is a beautiful, limited edition 4-CD and 1 all-region DVD set celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show's London opening in 1986. Containing the original recording of The Phantom of the Opera and its 2009 sequel, Love Never Dies, packaged in a collector's once-only design, and with the added bonus of a captivating hour-long DVD including original music videos, rare interviews and performance footage, the collection tells the complete story of the world's greatest entertainment phenomenon. An accompanying 160-page fully illustrated hardback book details the compelling history of the show from page to stage and beyond. The collector's box set comes numbered and with an exclusive medallion, as well as a replica of the 60-page opening night programme from Her Majesty's Theatre.




DISC 1 - Original London Cast: Phantom Of The Opera starring Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightman & Steve Barton

1. Prologue (The Stage Of Paris Opera House, 1905)

2. Overture

3. Think Of Me

4. Angel Of Music

5. Little Lotte.../ The Mirror... (Angel Music)

6. The Phantom Of The Opera

7. The Music Of The Night

8. I Remember.../Stranger Than You Dream It...

9. Magical Lasso...

10. Notes/Prima Donna

11. Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh

12. Why Have You Brought Me Here

13. All I Ask Of You

14. All I Ask Of You (Reprise)


DISC 2 - Original London Cast: Phantom Of The Opera

1. Entr'acte (Act Two - Six Months Later)

2. Masquerade / Why So Silent

3. Notes.../Twisted Every Way

4. Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

5. Wandering Child../Bravo, Monsieur

6. The Point Of No Return

7. Down Once More.../Track Down This Murderer...


DISC 3 _ Original London Cast: Love Never Dies starring Ramin Karimloo & Sierra Boggess

1. Prologue (Love Never Dies)

2. The Coney Island Waltz

3. That's The Place That You Ruined, You Fool!

4. Heaven By The Sea

5. Only For Him / Only For You

6. The Aerie

7. 'Til I Hear You Sing

8. Giry Confronts The Phantom / 'Til I Hear You Sing (Reprise)

9. Christine Disembarks

10. Arrival Of The Trio / Are You Ready To Begin?

11. What A Dreadful Town!...

12. Look With Your Heart

13. Beneath A Moonless Sky

14. Once Upon Another Time

15. "Mother Please, I'm Scared!"

16. Dear Old Friend

17. Beautiful

18. The Beauty Underneath

19. The Phantom Confronts Christine


DISC 4 - Original London Cast: Love Never Dies

1. Entr'acte

2. Why Does She Love Me?

3. Devil Take The Hindmost

4. Heaven By The Sea (Reprise)

5. Ladies...Gents! / The Coney Island Waltz (Reprise)

6. Bathing Beauty

7. "Mother, Did You Watch?"

8. Before The Performance

9. Devil Take The Hindmost

10. Love Never Dies

11. "Ah, Christine!..."

12. "Gustave! Gustave!..."

13. "Please Miss Giry, I Want To Go Back..."



« Exclusive, in-depth filmed interview/conversation with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman

« Never-before seen footage from Andrew's private archive of early private trial performances of Phantom

« Period news footage from throughout the history of POTO celebrating/noting its global success

« The pop promo videos from the album's singles