Angels & Airwaves | I-Empire | Limited Edition Smoke White Colored Vinyl 2LP

  • $ 34.98

180 Gram Clear With White Smoke Colored Vinyl

Limited To 1000

Mastered For Vinyl And Lacquers Created By Stan Ricker

Includes Two Acoustic Bonus Tracks

SRCvinyl reissue of Angels & Airwaves "I-Empire" on 180 gram limited edition vinyl. The album was mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker. The vinyl is housed in a matte finish gatefold jacket and includes an 11 x 22 matte insert. The vinyl features acoustic versions of The Adventure & Good Day.

2007 sophomore album from the Alternative supergroup. Angels & Airwaves is former blink-182 and Box Car Racer guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, Offspring drummer Atom Willard, David Kennedy notably from Hazen Street and Box Car Racer and now former 30 Seconds to Mars bassist Matt Wachter. i-Empire's first single, 'Everything's Magic', is a synth-rock anthem that resonates with a refreshing spirit and inspired energy.

LP Track Listing:

LP 1
1. Call To Arms
2. Everything's Magic
3. Breathe
4. Love Like Rockets
5. Sirens
6. Secret Crowds

LP 2
1. Star Of Bethlehem
2. True Love
3. Lifeline
4. Jumping Rooftops
5. Rite Of Spring
6. Heaven
7. The Adventure (Acoustic Version)
8. Good Day (Acoustic Version)