Arcade Fire | Neon Bible | 180g Vinyl 2LP

  • $ 21.99

The second album from Montreal's Arcade Fire exceeds all expectations. Neon Bible was written, produced, arranged, and performed by the Arcade Fire and recorded throughout 2006 in Quebec, New York, Budapest, and London. With string and orchestral arrangements by the band's own Owen Pallet (also Final Fantasy) and Regine Chassagne, Neon Bible is full of both punk intertia and meticulously orchestrated woodwinds. Processed strings and mandolin. Quiet rumbles and loud rumbles. It all adds up to a stellar reflection on modern times and the challenges, joys, and situations we all face. The LP is double 180-gram audiophile quality with three sides of music and an etching on the fourth side. The LP also includes a coupon for a free MP3 download.

LP Track Listing:

LP 1 _ Side A

1. Black Mirror

2. Keep The Car Running

3. Neon Bible

4. Intervention

LP 1 _ Side B

1. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations

2. Ocean Of Noise

3. The Well & The Lighthouse

4. Antichrist Television Blues


LP 2 _ Side A

1. Windowsill

2. No Cars Go

3. My Body Is A Cage