Arcade Fire | The Suburbs | 180g Vinyl 2LP

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"One of my all-time favorite albums, from one of my all-time favorite bands - validated (somewhat, depending on your opinion of the Grammy's) by the Album of the Year nod in 2010. An absolute tour-de-force record from a band at the peak of their powers (particularly live). There are no bad tracks on The Suburbs and it flows better than most albums. Truly a modern masterpiece."

Favorite Tracks: Month of May, Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains), We Used To Wait

- Ian Edery (popmarket)


Arguably the most vital band of the 21st century, Arcade Fire again delivers with a third studio album that manages to make grand statements and life-affirming music without getting bogged down in ephemera. Written, arranged, performed and produced by the Arcade Fire and co-produced by Markus Dravs, The Suburbs was recorded around Montreal and New York and became the 2010 Grammy-winner for Album of the Year. Double LP in gatefold jacket also includes a coupon for a free MP3 download.


LP Track Listing:

LP 1 _ Side A

1. The Suburbs

2. Ready To Start

3. Modern Man

4. Rococo

LP 1 _ Side B

1. Empty Room

2. City With No Children

3. Half Light I

4. Half Light II (No Celebration)

5. Suburban War

LP 2 _ Side A

1. Month of May

2. Wasted Hours

3. Deep Blue

4. We Used to Wait

LP 2 _ Side B

1. Sprawl I (Flatland)

2. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

3. The Suburbs (Continued)