Belle & Sebastian | Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance | Vinyl 4LP Box Set

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"The Scottish indie-pop group has managed to build a fan base the old-fashioned way: by writing old-fashioned songs, the kind that brim with melody, sensitivity, cleverness, sophistication, and sheer beauty. It's hard to imagine groups like The Shins, Arcade Fire, or Vampire Weekend sounding like they do without its influence." -Entertainment Weekly

Limited edition, quadruple LP box of Belle & Sebastian's long-awaited follow-up to 2010's Write About Love, includes original studio album, extended album mixes, bonus tracks and more!

  • Limited Edition 4 LP Set
  • Features two extended mixes and four bonus tracks, two of which are exclusive to this format
  • Lyric sleeve jackets
  • Includes digital download coupon for full album
  • 24" x 24" double-sided poster


Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance is the long-awaited follow-up to 2010's Write About Love. Produced and mixed at Maze Studios in Atlanta by Ben H. Allen III, best known for his work with Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, and Raury, among others, the band - who have been listening to things like vintage Detroit techno and Giorgio Moroder - have brought a dance-party element (and a disco song about Sylvia Plath) into their gorgeous tales of sensitive souls navigating a world gone awry. It is perhaps the most inspired and wide-reaching album Belle and Sebastian have ever made.

Given that band leader Stuart Murdoch has openly declared himself pro-bubblegum before, it shouldn't come as a surprise that "Enter Sylvia Plath," "The Book Of You" and "Play For Today" have keyboard hooks that recall Scandinavian pop machines past and present. The filmic loves, kitchen sink imagery and baroque touches are still there, too, don't worry. It's all about trusting in the restorative power of pop music. If you'd trust anyone to write a great Europop song about Sylvia Plath, you'd trust Belle & Sebastian.

Limited edition, quadruple LP set featuring two extended mixes and four bonus tracks, two of which are exclusive to this format. The 4LP-set comes housed in a lidded box with download voucher and poster.

LP Track Listings:

LP 1 - Side 1
1. The Party Line

LP 1 - Side 2
1. The Everlasting Muse
2. Power Of Three
3. Today (This Army's For Peace)

LP 2 - Side 1
1. Enter Sylvia Plath

LP 2 - Side 2
1. Born to Act
2. Two Birds
3. Ever Had a Little Faith (extended version)

LP 3 - Side 1
1. Play For Today

LP 3 - Side 2
1. Nobody's Empire
2. Piggy in the Middle
3. The Book Of You

LP 4 - Side 1
1. Perfect Couples (extended version)

LP 4 - Side 2
1. Allie
2. A Politician's Silence
3. The Cat with the Cream