Black Sabbath | Paranoid | Deluxe Edition 180g Vinyl 2LP

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"Simply put, this is the best metal album by the best metal band and I will stand by that opinion until death. Very few albums set the tone so early for what's ahead as Sabbath does here with the first riff on War Pigs - eerie, powerful, timeless. I can only imagine what this must have been like to listen to in 1970 (!). Truly ahead of it's time and an easy entry on the Mt. Rushmore of Rock. No collection is complete without Paranoid on the shelf."

Favorite Tracks: War Pigs, Iron Man, Paranoid

- _Ian Edery (popmarket)

Black Sabbath prepare Deluxe Editions as "The End" approaches!

Paranoid features phenomenal instrumental takes on "War Pigs," "Iron Man" and more, along with versions of "Paranoid" and "Planet Caravan" with alternate lyrics

  • Deluxe edition includes the 2012 remaster of the original album, along with a second disc of outtakes that are previously unreleased in North America.
  • 180g double vinyl LP's pressed at Quality Record Pressings
  • This Deluxe Editions Double LP and massive world tour mark "The End" for Black Sabbath, as the band writes the final chapter in its incredible story. But don't expect the band to go quietly.

LP Track Listings:


LP 1 _ Side A

1. War Pigs / Luke's Wall

2. Paranoid

3. Planet Caravan

4. Iron Man

LP 1 _ Side B

1. Electric Funeral

2. Hand of Doom

3. Rat Salad

4. Jack the Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots

LP 2 _ Side A

1. War Pigs (instrumental)

2. Paranoid (alternative lyrics)

3. Planet Caravan (alternative lyrics)

4. Iron Man (instrumental)

LP 2 _ Side B

1. Electric Funeral (instrumental)

2. Hand of Doom (instrumental)

3. Rat Salad (alternative mix)

4. Fairies Wear Boots (instrumental)