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The BOB DYLAN Archive is an elegant new show-case built to store and display Bob Dylan's official body of work... featuring unique storage for your complete collection of chronological Dylan CDs... the first comprehensive collection of full size, Bob Dylan LP artwork...and a beautiful and unique new discography.

The BOB DYLAN Archive consists of...

  • The Showcase Box: a beautiful, linen covered, table-top slipcase, featuring a new print of a classic Bob Dylan photo on the front, huge "BOB DYLAN" name and logos debossed in black foil print on the spines and back, and a magnetic closure for storing: 1) A unique book built specifically for organizing and displaying Bob Dylan's entire chronological catalog of CD albums. (CD's not included...insert your own, then fill in the missing pieces of your collection).
  • 2) The most comprehensive collection of full size Bob Dylan LP artwork ever (from 1962's Bob Dylan through 2009's Christmas In The Heart), digitally restored and available together for the first time, in a 220 page book of LP sized reproductions.
  • 3) A unique discography of Bob Dylan's album catalog, with excerpts from historical reviews and new reproductions of classic advertisements, spanning Bob Dylan's entire career.