Bring Me The Horizon | Sempiternal | Vinyl LP [UK Import]

  • $ 22.99

Heralded as one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Bring Me The Horizon’s upcoming fourth studio album, Sempiternal, is the defining sound of heavy music in 2013. Proving to be perpetual favorites among fans, the album’s first single “Shadow Moses” came charging out of the gates after premiering on Zane Lowe’s BBC’s Radio 1, forcing Epitaph to post the song on YouTube a week in advance due to popular demand.


LP Track Listing:

1. Can You Feel My Heart

2. The House Of Wolves

3. Empire (Let Them Sing)

4. Sleepwalking

5. Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake

6. Shadow Moses

7. And The Snakes Start To Sing

8. Seen It All Before

9. Anti-vist

10. Crooked Young

11. Hospitals For Souls