Built to Spill | There Is No Enemy | 180g Vinyl 2LP (Bonus CD)

  • $ 24.98

2 LP and 1 CD.


Track listing:

LP-A1 Aisle 13
LP-A2 Hindsight 
LP-A3 Nowhere Lullaby
LP-B1 Good Ol' Boredom
LP-B2 Life's A Dream
LP-B3 Oh Yeah
LP-C1 Pat
LP-C2 Done
LP-C3 Planting Seeds
LP-D1 Things Fall Apart
LP-D2 Tomorrow

CD-01 Aisle 13
CD-02 Hindsight
CD-03 Nowhere Lullaby
CD-04 Good Ol' Boredom
CD-05 Life's A Dream
CD-06 Oh Yeah
CD-07 Pat
CD-08 Done
CD-09 Planting Seeds
CD-10 Things Fall Apart
CD-11 Tomorrow