Camper Van Beethoven | Key Lime Pie | Vinyl 2LP

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Camper Van Beethoven signed with Virgin Records in 1988 and delivered a record that defied those who thought the band might –sell out." The band returned the following year with what most deem their masterpiece - Key Lime Pie.

Once again produced by Dennis Herring (Elvis Costello, Counting Crows), Key Lime Pie continued the journey into the world of CVB, but with higher production value and sound than had been heard before. From a track about Jack Ruby to a cover of Status Quo's "Pictures Of Matchstick Men", Key Lime Pie was a slice above the rest and a fitting dessert for the 1980s.

The nearly hour-long album was originally pressed on one LP, but Omnivore has expanded it to two LPs (for better sound) and added a bonus track to Side 4.

The LP includes new liners and photos and is presented as it should be, an album that will delight fans and educate those who have only read about the importance of this record.
LP Track Listing:
Side 1
1. Opening Theme
2. Jack Ruby
3. Sweethearts
4. When I Win The Lottery

Side 2
1. (I Was Born In A) Laundromat
2. Borderline
3. The Light From A Cake
4. June
5. All Her Favorite Fruit

Side 3
1. Interlude
2. Flowers
3. The Humid Press Of Days
4. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
5. Come On Darkness

Side 4 (plays from the center groove at 45rpm):
1. Closing Theme (aka Guitar Hero