Can | Future Days | 180g Vinyl LP (Remastered)

  • $ 22.99

"Future Days is for me the best album I made with Can," vocalist Damo Suzuki has said. "Because it was very easy to quit from Can after that album. I wanted nothing from them after that. Musically, I was very satisfied." Indeed, the four tracks on the German experimental rockers' fifth studio album synthesize everything they did weirdly well. Can could strip back for three minutes of skewered psychedelic pop ("Moonshake") or split the difference between Miles Davis's Bitches Brew and Isaac Hayes's Hot Buttered Soul ("Spray"), or find new craters on the moon for "Bel Air," a lounge suite dizzying up the entire second side of the record. All of it is Can, and none of it is commonplace. Future Days is fiercely progressive, calming, complex, intense, and beautiful all at once.

LP Track Listing:

A1 Future Days

A2 Spray

A3 Moonshake

B Bel Air