Caribou | Swim | Vinyl 2LP

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Swim is Caribou's masterpiece, the record Dan Snaith has wanted to bring to fruition for as long as he's been making music. Snaith, an ingenious multi-instrumentalist/composer, surprised critics and fans alike with 2007's Andorra, a brilliant, electro-tinged pop breakthrough with a timeless grace that made most year-end –Best of" lists and won Canada's prestigious Polaris Music Prize. After the startling infectiousness of Andorra, Swim is a more complex, multi-layered affair, ripe with fascinating rhythms, instrumentation, and vocals (including those of Born Ruffians' Luke LaLonde, who appears on –Jamelia"), that becomes more alluring with each listen.

LP Track Listing:

LP 1 _ Side A

1. Odessa

2. Sun

LP 1 _ Side B

1. Kaili

2. Found Out

LP 2 _ Side A

1. Bowls

2. Leave House

LP 2 _ Side B

1. Hannibal

2. Lalibela

3. Jameli