Circa Survive | On Letting Go: 10 Year Anniversary Edition | Deluxe Vinyl LP

  • $ 20.98

Deluxe edition vinyl LP pressing.

Equal Vision Records' alumni artist Circa Survive present a deluxe 10 year anniversary edition of their sophomore album, On Letting Go. It was originally released in May 2007 and produced by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio, as the follow-up to their 2005 debut Juturna. To date, On Letting Go has sold nearly 150,000 units and initially remained on the Billboard Charts for over 12 weeks upon it's release, including peak spots of No. 2 Independent, No. 3 Internet, No. 7 Top Rock, No. 7 Tastemakers, No. 24 Top 200 and No. 24 Top Album Sales Chart. This special anniversary vinyl release includes the 12 original tracks plus a digital download of the original album with ten demos and five extras.

So many moments on that record personified what Circa Survive was starting to become, reflects vocalist Anthony Green. I'm really excited to revisit that with all of the knowledge we've been able to pick up since. It was a wild time in my life and it's kind of an escape for me now to go back to that and celebrate it!

Track Listing:

1. Living Together

2. In the Morning and Amazing…

3. The Greatest Lie

4. The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In the Dose

5. Mandala

6. Travel Hymn

7. Semi Constructive Criticism

8. Kicking Your Crosses Down

9. On Letting Go

10. Carry Us Away

11. Close Your Eyes to See

12. Your Friends Are Gone