Crowded House | Afterglow | 180 Gram LP

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Afterglow is a Crowded House compilation album, originally released in 1999. It includes a selection of rarities and outtakes. The tracks were recorded between 1985 and 1994. Seven of the songs were originally recorded for the Woodface album before Tim Finn became involved. The song "Left Hand" appears on Crowded House's live album Special Edition Live Album.

LP Track Listing:

1. I Am in Love
2. Sacred Cow
3. You Can Touch
4. Help Is Coming
5. I Love You Dawn
6. Dr. Livingstone
7. My Telly's Gone Bung
8. Private Universe [Acoustic Mix]
9. Lester [Demo]
10. Anyone Can Tell
11. Recurring Dream
12. Left Hand
13. Time Immemorial