Dead Kennedys | Plastic Surgery Disasters | Vinyl LP

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1982's Plastic Surgery Disasters is the Dead Kennedys' sophomore full-length and follow-up to their 1980 debut Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables. Arguably the group's best album, this fine collection of songs retained the trademark savagery and satire, but the musical content had diversified, even including such unexpected moments as Klaus Flouride playing clarinet. Featured were the singles "Bleed for Me" and "Halloween," and it also included "Moon Over Marin," as close as the Dead Kennedys ever came to a ballad, albeit with anti-pollution lyrics.

LP Track Listing:

Side A

1. Advice From Christmas Past

2. Government Flu

3. Terminal Preppie

4. Trust Your Mechanic

5. Well Paid Scientist

6. Buzzbomb

7. Forest Fire

8. Halloween

9. Winnebago Warrior

Side B

1. Riot

2. Bleed For Me

3. I Am the Owl

4. Dead End

5. Moon Over Marin