Elvis Costello | Armed Forces | 180g Vinyl LP

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180 Gram Vinyl

Re-mastered from the original master tapes, this classic Elvis Costello album is now on 180 gram vinyl. Armed Forces features the original U.S. cover and includes a 7” EP of “Live at Hollywood High.” This album hit #10 on the Billboard Top 100 and highlights include “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love And Understanding?,” “Oliver’s Army” and “Accidents Will Happen.”

Largely written on tour in hotel rooms and on the bus, Elvis Costellos Armed Forces takes personal politics to a new level. A supremely melodic and hook-laden record, the 1979 set is a showcase of scintillating keyboard lines, sharp guitar work, and the most cohesive arrangements of Costello and the Attractions career. In every way, this is a pop masterpiece, defined by hits such as Accidents Will Happen, Olivers Army, and the anthemic Whats So Funny Bout Peace Love and Understanding? You need this record.

While less musically intense than the preceding This Years Model, Armed Forces doesnt let up in the lyric department. Costellos narratives are loaded with paranoia, irony, bitterness, and scathing humor. Originally titled Emotional Fascism, the singers third consecutive masterpiece is inspired by billboard sign slogans, insular observations, and social behavior that Costello found applicable to his own situation. Olivers Army, Green Shirt, and Senior Service address systemic governmental control. Big Boys, Two Little Hitlers, and Accidents Will Happen also concern control and betrayalbut that of the interpersonal nature.

LP Track Listing:

1. Accidents Will Happen

2. Senior Service

3. Oliver's Army

4. Big Boys

5. Green

6. Party Girl

7. Goon Squad

8. Busy Bodies

9. Sunday's Best

10. Moods For Moderns

11. Chemistry Class

12. Two Little Hitlers

13. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding