Elvis Presley | Blue Hawaii | 180g Vinyl LP

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Elvis Presley's historic #1 chart topping masterpiece Blue Hawaii - First time 180 gram vinyl and gatefold album cover presentation!

In 1961, Elvis' career reached new heights thanks to his highly successful Blue Hawaii movie and companion multi-million selling soundtrack album. Already gaining popularity in thanks to two chart single smashes "CanÍt Help Falling in Love" and "Rock-A-Hula Baby," this masterwork soundtrack album also included a treasure trove of Elvis Presley tracks that captured a very great time in the musical history of this iconic legend. The LP would go on to become the biggest soundtrack album of his career and one of the biggest soundtracks of the sixties. This amazing soundtrack has been out of print on vinyl for several decades...that is until now!

LP Track Listing:

Side One
1. Blue Hawaii
2. Almost Always True
3. Aloha Oe
4. No More
5. Can't Help Falling in Love
6. Rock-A-Hula Baby
7. Moonlight Swim

Side Two
1. Ku-u-i-po
2. Ito Eats
3. Slicin' Sand
4. Hawaiian Sunset
5. Beach Boy Blues
6. Island of Love
7. Hawaiian Wedding Song