Fela Kuti | The Complete Works of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti | 26xCD + 1xDVD Box Set

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The Complete Box Set contains 26 CD's and one DVD spanning Fela's entire career from Koola Lobitos in the late 60's to Underground Sysrem in 1992. The Box set also contains 'A Slice Of Fela', a DVD documentary with live performances from Berlin Jazz festival and Glastonbury festival.

The Box set also contains a booklet biography and three seperate booklets containing information about all of the tracks included in the box set.

CD1: 1. Open & Close/Afrodisiac
CD2: 1. JJD/Unnecessary Begging
CD3: 1. Zombie
CD4: 1. Underground System
CD5: 1. Live! With Ginger Baker
CD6: 1. Live In Amsterdam
CD7: 1. V.I.P./Authority Stealing
CD8: 1. Yellow Fever/Na Poi
CD9: 1. Alagbon Close/Why Black Man Dey Suffer
CD10: 1. Monkey Banana/Excuse O
CD11: 1. Everything Scatter/Noise For Vendor Mouth
CD12: 1. Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense
CD13: 1. Koola Lobitos 64-68/The '69 LA Sessions
CD14: 1. Roforofo Fight/The Fela Singles
CD15: 1. Confusion/Gentleman
CD16: 1. Shakara/Fela's London Scene
CD17: 1. Expensive Shit/He Miss Road
CD18: 1. Stalemate/Fear Not For Man
CD19: 1. Ikoyi Blindness/Kalakuta Show
CD20: 1. Upside Down/Music Of Many Colours
CD21: 1. Beasts Of No Nation/O.D.O.O
CD22: 1. Army Arrangement
CD23: 1. Coffin For Head Of State/Unknown Soldier
CD24: 1. Shuffering and Shmiling/No Agreement
CD25: 1. Opposite People/Sorrow Tears and Blood
CD26: 1. Original Sufferhead/I.T.T.
CD27: 1. A Slice Of Fela (DVD)