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The album that became the Foo Fighters eponymous 1995 debut was originally just a bunch of songs that Dave Grohl had stored up over the years and finally recorded on his own. He had already lived the rock star life, and his only goal with the new material was to amuse himself and his friends. But as the tape changed hands and was copied over and over again, it quickly became clear that people were connecting to the music and that this was a project worth pursuing.

The Foo Fighters debut was on the charts for nearly a full year after its original release, selling over 2 million copies on the strength of the hit singles "This Is A Call," "Big Me" and "I'll Stick Around." Foo Fighters is the album that started it all, and made clear that Dave Grohl was about to change the rock landscape all over again.

LP Track Listing:

1. This Is A Call

2. Ill Stick Around

3. Big Me

4. Alone + Easy Target

5. Good Grief

6. Floaty

7. Weenie Beenie

8. Oh, George

9. For All The Cows

10. X-Static

11. Wattershed

12. Exhausted