Genesis | Wind & Wuthering | 180g Vinyl LP

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Genesis was working its way through some growing pains with Wind And Wuthering. After Gabriel's departure, things began to shift within the band dynamic, and the flux was particularly felt by Steve Hackett, who _ not unreasonably _ felt that his songwriting efforts were being given short shrift compared to those of Tony Banks. The material is still solid, particularly the opener, –Eleventh Earl of Mar," and the Hackett/Collins collaboration –Blood on the Rooftops," but the end was nigh for Genesis as a four-piece.


LP Track Listing:

Side A

1. Eleventh Earl of Mar

2. One For the Vine

3. Your Own Special Way

4. Wot Gorilla?

Side B

1. All In A Mouse's Night

2. Blood On the Rooftops

3. Unquiet Slumbers For the Sleepers...

4. ...In That Quiet Earth

5. Afterglow