Grateful Dead | Dead Set | 180g Vinyl 2LP

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Friday Music is Pleased to Announce the Exclusive 180 Gram Audiophile 2 LP Set of the Grateful Dead's Dead Set

Mastered by Joe Reagoso (Grateful Dead) at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Records

First Time Release in the Audiophile Domain

The legendary Bay area rock superstars the Grateful Dead scored with a plethora of wonderful recordings throughout their incredible career that encompassed nearly four decades. Their concert tours were of legendary proportions, and during the early eighties the band was going through one of their more important eras as a whole new audience was discovering their magic thanks to their hugely successful Go To Heaven album.

This success brought the band back to their hometown to celebrate with a number of shows recorded at the famous Warfield Theater as well as Radio City Music Hall in 1980, with these recordings becoming their top thirty smash album Dead Set. Always known for being on top of the audiophile medium, the Dead would record a lot of their shows over the years with state of the art equipment. These particular shows were of no exception as the legendary Jerry Garcia, Dan Healey and Betty Cantor-Jackson produced this amazing collection which has been out of print for many years in the vinyl format... that is until now!

This amazing limited edition treasure trove features some of the finest live material ever recorded by these legends and is truly a welcomed release for the audiophile community. Filled with fifteen stellar performances, The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Brent Mydland, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann truly radiate with some of their finest playing and singing ever, making this a wonderful listen and collectible album for years to come.

Many favorite Grateful Dead classics and superior rarities abound in this lengthy audiophile set including the opening Bob Weir workout on Samson and Delilah, a stunning rendition of Deal by the late great Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh's classic Passenger, plus the long awaited vinyl only version of Space. Known for their masterful jams, solid masterpieces get their due on this amazing set like their new takes on Candyman, Fire On The Mountain and Feel Like A Stranger.

Mastered for vinyl by Joe Reagoso (Grateful Dead) at Friday Music Studios and at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA, this limited edition audiophile version of Dead Set is truly a welcome addition to your Dead collection, which will also feature the rare gatefold cover album cover not seen in years. Grateful Dead... Dead Set... a brilliant concert album... first time release in the audiophile domain... only from your friends at Friday Music... Roll Away...

LP Track Listing:

Side 1

1. Samson And Delilah

2. Friend Of The Devil

3. New Minglewood Blues

4. Deal

Side 2

5. Candyman

6. Little Red Rooster

7. Loser

Side 3

8. Passenger

9. Feel Like A Stranger

10. Franklin's Tower

11. Rhythm Devils

Side 4


13. Fire On The Mountain

14. Greatest Story Ever Told

15. Brokedown Palac