Iggy and the Stooges | Raw Power | Vinyl LP

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"Iggy Pop is a true American icon. The godfather of punk rock, still the coolest dude on the block and the creator of some of the best, rawest, meanest rock ever put to tape. Opening up this album with "Search and Destroy," are you kidding me? "I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm // I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb" - GET OUT OF HERE! GAME OVER! This is the coolest album from coolest motherfucker on the planet, end of story."

Favorite Tracks: Search and Destroy, Raw Power

- Ian Edery (popmarket)


LP Track Listing:

1. Search and Destroy
2. Gimme Danger
3. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
4. Penetration
5. Raw Power
6. I Need Somebody
7. Shake Appeal
8. Death Trip