Iron Butterfly | Evolution - The Best of Iron Butterfly | Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP

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Friday Music is now releasing this LP as a 1st time 180 Gram Audiophile, mastered by Joe Reagoso & Kevin Gray.


Founded by keyboardist/vocalist Doug Ingle in 1966, Iron Butterfly hit the charts and soon became one of the key biker bands and west coast hard rockers alongside entities like Steppenwolf, Grateful Dead and The Doors. A year later, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" became a massive smash hit single & LP garnering the band multi-platinum success, making it one of the most important songs of our time. In 1971, Atco awarded their stellar hard rock champions with a greatest hits album "Evolution."


LP Track Listing:

1. Iron Butterfly Theme
2. Possession
3. Unconscious Power
4. Flowers and Beads
5. Termination
6. In-A-Gadda_Da-Vida
7. Soul Experience
8. Stone Believer
9. Belda-Beast
10. Easy Rider
11. Slower Than Guns