Jeff Beck | Truth | 180g Vinyl LP

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The Jeff Beck/Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Series Continues!

Jeff Beck's 1968 Masterwork Album - First Time Authorized Audiophile Vinyl

Stunning Gatefold Cover With Rare Photo Of The Jeff Beck Group

Mastered From The Epic Records Stereo Tapes By Joe Reagoso And Manufactured At R.T.I.

Jeff Beck is truly a worldwide gift to rock music and guitar enthusiasts everywhere. There will never be another Jeff Beck, a guitar genius who has enthralled generations of aspiring musicians and music lovers with the many fine recordings he has made for the past five decades.

Celebrating five decades in the music business, this English native initially captivated millions of kids in the 60's with his first recordings with The Yardbirds. He drove the rockers mad with his famous guitar licks and dynamic presence on the stage. As individual members of the band started solo projects, Jeff Beck began the rudiments of The Jeff Beck Group with his friends Jimmy Page, Nicky Hopkins, Keith Moon and John Paul Jones and threw down the mega instrumental Beck's Bolero. This track along new tracks recorded at Abbey Road with Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Nicky Hopkins and Mick Waller would serve up his very first solo smash album Truth.

Kicking things off with the hard hitting Shapes of Things, this Yardbirds' revisit takes on a whole new approach with the soulful vocals of Rod Stewart paired with the guitar antics of Jeff Beck. A match made in heaven, these two pioneers of the British blues scene carry on with more masterful workouts on such fare as their hits Rock My Plimsoul, Let Me Love You and their inspiring tour de force Blues De Luxe. Willie Dixon's I Ain't Superstitious and You Shook Me, plus their brilliant Tim Rose cover of Morning Dew along with the brilliance of Beck's Bolero made Truth the revered masterpiece that it still is today. Noted for his stellar guitar work, pretty much introducing new ways of using technique, distortion and effects to a whole new generation of guitar players, Jeff Beck's Truth is truly a primer for a ton of rock and blues artists.

Friday Music is no stranger to the music of the legendary Jeff Beck, his arsenal of fine recordings already on our label. That is why we are so very proud to announce another fine installment in The Jeff Beck/Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with his first legendary masterpiece Truth.
Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Jeff Beck, Yes, Deep Purple) for the first time on audiophile vinyl from the Columbia stereophonic tapes, Jeff Beck's Truth will truly become one of the most important and historical 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl titles in quite some time.

To celebrate Jeff Beck's five decades in the music business, we further enhance this limited anniversary edition with a stunning gatefold cover featuring the original artwork elements as well as a classic inside gatefold rare photo of the original Jeff Beck Group with Jeff, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood and Mick Waller.


LP Track Listing:

1. Shapes of Things

2. Let Me Love You

3. Morning Dew

4. You Shook Me

5. Ol' Man River

6. Greensleeves

7. Rock My Plimsoul

8. Beck's Bolero

9. Blues De Luxe

10. I Ain't Superstitious