Joy Division | Box Set | 180g 4LP | Limited Edition of 3,000

  • $ 249.98

Released in a Limited Edition of only 3,000 copies worldwide, this 180-Gram virgin vinyl, four-disc JOY DIVISION BOX SET contains new pressings of the band's two seminal studio albums - UNKNOWN PLEASURES ('79) and CLOSER ('80) - and the 1981 two-disc rarities compilation STILL.

  • Limited Edition of only 3,000 copies worldwide
  • Three Joy Division titles - four LPs on 180 gram vinyl
  • Housed in an elegant cloth-covered box designed by U.K. artist Peter Saville
  • Originally released on Record Store Day 2010

JOY DIVISION: BOX SET allows you to experience these pioneering albums the way they were heard originally - on sonically rich vinyl LPs. The three titles - a total of four LPS - come housed in an elegant cloth-covered box designed by U.K. artist Peter Saville, who created the distinctive artwork and packaging on the original issues of these classic releases. Once the 3,000 copies sell out, the box will not be reproduced.

Joy Division's 1979 debut UNKNOWN PLEASURES is a landmark album that established the band as principal architects and ultimate icons of the post-punk movement and the U.K. Manchester scene of the late '70s. UNKNOWN PLEASURES' ten classic songs resonate with the atmospheric textures and deep sonic spaces of Martin Hannett's production. Highlights include "Insight," "Disorder," "New Dawn Fades" and "She's Lost Control."

Joy Division's 1980 follow-up CLOSER, another seminal post-punk masterpiece, ranks #157 on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums Of All Time." Musically and lyrically driven by the prevailing despair of Ian Curtis - who killed himself only months after the LP was released - CLOSER was also produced by Martin Hannett, who weaves sprawling emotional chaos and shifting atmospheres and textures together into an enormously powerful ten-song tour de force. Stand-outs include "Heart And Soul," "Isolation," "Eternal," "Decades" and the wrenching "Twenty Four Hours."

The compilation STILL came out in late 1981, over a year after Curtis' death. Comprised of twenty studio outtakes, b-sides, live cuts and other rarities, all the tracks were previously unissued at the time of STILL's original release except for "Glass" and "Dead Souls," both compelling studio recordings from 1978 and 1979, respectively. STILL also presents material from Joy Division's last-ever concert, recorded at Birmingham University in May 1980 including the only time they performed "Ceremony" live (the song would later become a New Order single).


LP Track Listings:


Side A:

1. Disorder

2. Day Of The Lords

3. Candidate

4. Insight

5. New Dawn Fades


Side B:

1. She's Lost Control

2. Shadowplay

3. Interzone

4. I Remember Nothing



Side A:

1. Atrocity Exhibition

2. Isolation

3. Passover

4. Colony

5. A Means To An End


Side B:

1. Heart And Soul

2. Twenty Four Hours

3. The Eternal

4. Decades



Side A:

1. Exercise One

2. Ice Age

3. The Sound Of Music

4. Glass

5. The Only Mistake


Side B:

1. Walked In Line

2. The Kill

3. Something Must break

4. Dead Souls

5. Sister Ray


Side C:

1. Ceremony

2. Shadowplay

3. A Means To An End

4. Passover

5. New Dawn Fades


Side D:

1. Transmission

2. Disorder

3. Isolation

4. Decades

5. Digital