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"Freaks of Nature" - the album that saved Kansas. After a seven-year dry spell of no new material, they hit with this thunderbolt in 1995! The bands 12th studio album. Amazing and refreshing, Freaks of Nature tantalizes all the senses, mainly due to the intensity of the music and the seriousness of the lyrics. All of its songs are strong, effective and fascinating. The darkness of this album is balanced by the pure emotion of the music. The frankness and honesty of the lyrics are a testament to the growth and healing that Steve Walsh was going through at the time. Ragsdale's intensity pulls the whole thing together.

LP Track Listing:


LP 1
1. Song for America
2. Point of Know Return
3. Paradox
4. Icarus-Borne on Wings of Steel
5. Portrait (He Knew)
6. Carry on Wayward Son
7. Journey from Mariabronn
8. Dust in the Wind
9. Lonely Wind
10. Mysteries and Mayhem
11. Excerpt from Lamplight Symphony
12. The Wall
13. Magnum Opus

LP 2
1. Hopelessly Human
2. Child of Innocence
3. Belexes
4. Cheyenne Anthem
5. Lonely Street
6. Miracles out of Nowhere
7. Drum Solo/The Spider
8. Closet Chronicles
9. Down the Road
10. Sparks of the Tempest