Kasabian | 48:13 | 180g Vinyl LP

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2014 vinyl LP pressing of the English quintet's critically acclaimed fourth consecutive #1 album in the UK & Europe. The distinct sound & integrity of Kasabian's fifth studio album defines the very essence of the band, their trademark sound distilled and repackaged into one incredibly exciting, unique statement of intent. 48:13 is driven by the continuous evolution and musical experimentation of the band through their previous 4 albums. The album's first U.S. radio single, 'Eez-eh', shows just one end of the spectrum of possibilities showcased by guitarist Sergio Pizzorno's songwriting & production. A relentless all night anthem which has filled Mosh pits across Europe since the start of the summer. The video for 'Eez-eh' was directed by the acclaimed artist and designer Aitor Throup, who has taken the role of Creative Director of the album.


Track listing:

1 Shiva
2 Bumblebeee
3 Stevie
4 Mortis
5 Doomsday
6 Treat
7 Glass
8 Explodes
9 Levitation
10 Clouds
11 Eez-eh
12 Bow
13 S.P.S