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KISS has never lacked ambition or strategy, and judging by the strength of their self-titled 1974 debut on Casablanca Records, it appears the group was an expertly executed music and make-up machine even early on. The quintessential hard-rock recording is primarily comprised of muscular originals Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons wrote as members of their former band Wicked Lester. A true musical declaration of both style and substance, KISS features some of the finest melodies, catchiest hooks and timeless rock anthems of the band's career on par with their 1976 masterwork Destroyer. Home to such classics as "Strutter," "Deuce," "Black Diamond," and "Cold Gin" among others.


LP Track Listing:

Side One

1. Strutter

2. Nothin' to Lose

3. Firehouse

4. Cold Gin

5. Let Me Know


Side Two

1. Deuce

2. Love Theme from Kiss

3. 100,000 Years

4. Black Diamond