Melvins | Ozma / Bullhead | Vinyl 2LP

  • $ 27.98

Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download (featuring one bonus track).

This package combines two of the earliest releases from the often imitated but never duplicated Melvins. LP One is OZMA, from 1989, which was recorded soon after their move from Washington to San Francisco, and was their first release to include the diminutive yet mighty Lorax (Lori Temple Black) on bass. In fact, the first sound one hears at the album's opening is Lori standing on her tiptoes to switch on her amp, thereby warning the listener of the onslaught to come.

LP Two is BULLHEAD, from 1991. The songs are longer, the mood is calmer, yet more menacing. The LPs have been remastered and are back in print on vinyl for the first time in 15 years. The new gatefold packaging includes never-before-seen vintage photos, as well as the original artwork and insert, all tidied up and ready to meet Mom and Dad.

Track Listing:

- Disc 1 -
1 Vile
2 Oven
3 At a Crawl
4 Let God Be Your Gardener
5 Creepy Smell
6 Kool Legged
7 Green Honey
8 Agonizer
9 Raise a Paw
10 Love Thing
11 Ever Since My Accident
12 Revulsion / We Reach
13 Dead Dressed
14 Cranky Messiah
15 Claude
16 My Small Percent Shows Most
17 Candy-O

- Disc 2 -
1 Boris
2 Anaconda
3 Ligature
4 It?S Shoved
5 Zodiac
6 If I Had An Exorcism
7 Your Blessened
8 Cow