Micky Dolenz | The MGM Singles Collection | 180g Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP

  • $ 45.98

7A Records sure isn't Monkee-ing around with its first release!

At long last, Micky Dolenz's 1970s singles recorded for MGM have all been gathered for release on a single long playing LP! 

  • Special Limited Edition
  • Includes exclusive interview with Micky Dolenz
  • Mastered from the original master tapes where possible
  • Includes 12 page booklet with extensive and detailed liner notes and never before published pictures by Henry Diltz
  • Special Gatefold Sleeve
  • 180g Red Transparent Vinyl

The newly-formed label - a labor of love for BBC radio and television presenter Iain Lee _ is releasing Micky Dolenz's The MGM Singles Collection on vinyl. This collection reissues for the first time all ten single sides released between 1971 and 1974 by Dolenz on the MGM, Lion and Romar labels. That Lee and his partner at 7A are Monkees fans is an understatement; even the label's name is derived from the studio chatter preceding the band's recording of ''Daydream Believer.''

This 180-gram red transparent vinyl gatefold release is a limited edition of 300 units. It includes all of Dolenz's original MGM singles, or 10 songs out of the 28 tracks he recorded while at MGM and its various affiliated imprints. Micky himself has participated in an exclusive interview for this project, which is included along with a 12-inch, 12-page booklet featuring newly-penned liner notes and never-before-published photos by legendary photographer and Southern California rock chronicler Henry Diltz. All of the recordings have been transferred from the original master tapes housed in the Universal vaults, except for two tracks where the original masters could no longer be located. These two tracks have been restored from original vinyl sources.

In its press release, 7A notes, ''These songs are an over looked part of Monkees history. They show Micky's versatility as a songwriter, a musician and also show just how a good his voice has always been!'' Among the tracks included is a rendition of ''Daybreak,'' written, arranged and conducted by Dolenz' pal Harry Nilsson; ''A Lover's Prayer'' written by Randy Newman; a medley of classic Buddy Holly tunes; and two sides (''Easy on You'' b/w ''Oh Someone'') with Peter Tork helping out on arrangements. Two sides from Micky's collaboration with Michael Lloyd as Starship have also been included.

Dolenz has actively participated in the creation of this release, too. 7A states of the artist, ''He's been wonderful although he was more than a little surprised that two fans [Lee and Glenn Gretlund] in the U.K. were doing this! As he said to the executive producers of this project, 'I am incredibly surprised, and very flattered, and honored - I am very glad that some of this stuff is being listened to! I liked it, at the time! And I'm glad that other people do. It's fantastic.'' Indeed, Dolenz produced some adventurous work at MGM; fellow Monkee Davy Jones also landed at the label during this period.


LP Track Listings:

Side 1

1. Easy On You

2. Oh Someone

3. Unattended In The Dungeon

4. A Lover's Prayer

5. Johnny B. Goode (As Starship, Lead Vocal: Michael Lloyd)

Side 2

1. It's Amazing To Me (As Starship)

2. Daybreak

3. Love War

4. Buddy Holly Tribute:

a) Peggy Sue (Petty-Allison-Holly)

b) Every Day (Petty-Hardin)

c) Maybe Baby (Pety-Holly)

d) That'll Be The Day (Petty-Allison-Holly)

5. Ooh She's Young