Mike Oldfield | Tubular Bells (Half-Speed Master) | 180g Vinyl 2xLP (Import)

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Abbey Road Half-Speed Master

Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl And Housed In A Gatefold Sleeve

Tubular Bells is Mike Oldfield’s and Virgin Records debut album, released on May 25th, 1973. Recorded when Oldfield was only 19, he played most of the instruments himself, recording them one at a time and layering the recordings to create the finished piece. Oldfield had approached many of major record labels without any success, so Richard Branson, who owned The Manor studios where the album was recorded, released it on the newly formed Virgin Records. The opening piano solo went on to be used in the film The Exorcist, pushing the album to another level for both Oldfield and Virgin.

This 2xLP Deluxe Edition vinyl incorporates the 1973 stereo mix, Parts One and Two, and the new stereo mix which Oldfield re-worked when his deal with Virgin expired and he moved to Mercury Records in 2009.

About These Abbey Road Half-Speed Masters:

These releases will offer a superior vinyl experience with Half-Speed Mastering from Abbey Road. They have been exclusively re-mastered at Half Speed to bring you a new level of depth and clarity.

This limited edition range, all pressed on 180-gram vinyl, come in deluxe packaging. The initial releases are all iconic deluxe edition titles from great Universal artists – Amy Winehouse, The Who, James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Mike Oldfield.

The albums were cut from high-resolution digital transfers from the best-known analogue tapes by Abbey Road mastering engineer Miles Showell, one of the foremost practitioners of this artisan process in the world today. Only minimal sympathetic equalization was applied to the transfers to keep everything as pure as possible. Also, as these are vinyl-only releases, Miles did not apply any digital limiting. This is added to almost all digital releases to make them appear to be loud and is responsible for the so-called “loudness war” and in almost every case is anything but natural and pure sounding.


Track Listing

LP 1: The 2009 Stereo Mix
1. Tubular Bells, Part 1
2. Tubular Bells, Part 2

LP 2: The Original 1973 Stereo Album Mix
1. Tubular Bells, Part 1
2. Tubular Bells, Part 2