Miles Davis | The Last Word: The Warner Bros. Years | Fully Remastered 8 CD Box Set

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Fully Remastered 8CD Deluxe Edition Box Set!

Miles Davis: The Last Word - The Warner Bros. Years is an eight-disc boxed set featuring this legendary artist's output for Warner Bros. Records _ newly remastered collection includes all the albums recorded for the label, plus a bonus CD of a live performance at The Nice Festival of 1988 

  • 8 CD's in clamshell box
  • Fully remastered
  • Each Warner Bros. album in a mini-LP CD cardboard replica sleeve with spine of the original artwork
  • A whole night's performance of the Miles Davis Octet at the Nice's Jazz Festival of 1986, previously only available on the Tutu Deluxe CD edition.
  • Collaborations with Marcus Miller, Michel Legrand, Quincy Jones, and the likes of Kenny Garrett, Foley and Adam Holzman.
  • 60-page, perfect-bound booklet, with period photos and liner notes
  • Liner notes by leading jazz writer Ashley Kahn


In 1985, Miles Davis shocked the music world by moving from Columbia to Warner Bros. Records. He immediately started working on an album called Perfect Way after a tune by Scritti Politti, later renamed Tutu by producer Tommy LiPuma. When Tutu (a tribute to Desmond Tutu) was released in 1986, it re-ignited Davis' career, crossing over into the rock and pop markets and winning Davis two Grammy Awards - the album was a key factor in raising Davis' status to an international superstar.

 The Last Word is an overdue look at the unfairly overlooked, final five-year phase of Miles' career. The albums Davis recorded for Warner Bros. Records from '86 to '91 found him playing in the company of big bands, small groups, and pre-recorded studio tracks and samples. There were the sound of traditional acoustic instruments, rock guitars, as well as cutting-edge synthesizers and drum machines. There was the feel of Andalusian Spain, the flavor of New York hip-hop, and a rare, momentary return to the flow of hardbop jazz. Most significantly, as these recordings make evident, Miles remained to the end more popular than ever, more widely known, his lifelong musical journey still very much in medias res. One cannot help but marvel at the distance he traveled, from bebop to Doo-Bop.

Track Listings:


1. Tutu

2. Tomaas

3. Portia

4. Splatch

5. Backyard Ritual

6. Perfect Way

7. Don't Lose Your Mind

8. Full Nelson

CD 2 - MUSIC FROM SIESTA (with Marcus Miller)

1. Lost In Madrid Part I

2. Siesta - Kitt's Kiss - Lost In Madrid Part II

3. Theme For Augustine - Wind - Seduction - Kiss

4. Submission

5. Lost In Madrid Part III

6. Conchita - Lament

7. Lost In Madrid Part IV - Rat Dance - The Call

8. Claire - Lost In Madrid Part V

9. Afterglow

10. Los Feliz


1. Catembe

2. Cobra

3. Big Time

4. Hannibal

5. Jo-Jo

6. Amandla

7. Jilli

8. Mr. Pastorius

CD 4 _ DINGO OST (with Michel Legrand)

1. Kimberley Trumpet

2. The Arrival

3. Concert On The Runway

4. The Departure

5. Dingo Howl

6. Letter As Hero

7. Trumpet Cleaning

8. The Dream

9. Paris Walking II

10. Paris Walking I

11. Kimberly Trumpet In Paris

12. The Music Room

13. Club Entrance

14. The Jam Session

15. Going Home

16. Surprise!


1. Mystery

2. The Doo-Bop Song

3. Chocolate Chip

4. High Speed Chase

5. Blow

6. Sonya

7. Fantasy

8. Duke Booty

9. Mystery

CD 6 - MILES & QUINCY LIVE AT MONTREUX (with Quincy Jones)

1. Introduction By Claude Nobs And Quincy Jones

2. Boplicity

3. Introduction To Miles Ahead Medley

4. Springsville

5. Maids Of Cadiz

6. The Duke

7. My Ship

8. Miles Ahead

9. Blues For Pablo

10. Introduction To Porgy And Bess Medley

11. Orgone

12. Gone, Gone Gone

13. Summertime

14. Here Come De Honey Man

15. The Pan Piper

16. Solea


1. In A Silent Way (Live at Indigo Blues Club 12/17/1988, New York, NY 2nd Show)

2. Intruder (Live at Indigo Blues Club, New York, NY 12/17/1988 2nd Show)

3. New Blues (Live at Greek Theatre 8/14/1988 Los Angeles, CA)

4. Human Nature (Live at Liebenauer Eishalle 11/1/1988 Graz, Austria)

5. Mr. Pastorius (Live at Le Zenith - Domaine de Grammond 04/12/89 Montpelier, France)

6. Amandla (Live at Pallazo Della Civita 'The Steps' Rome, Italy, 07/26/1989)

7. Wrinkle (Live at Casino De Montreux, Montreux International Festival 07/20/90 Montreux, Switzerland)

8. Tutu (Live at Casino De Montreux 07/20/90)

9. Full Nelson (Live at Osaka Expo Live Under The Sky Festival,, Tokyo, Japan 08/7/88)

10. Time After Time (Live at Chicago Theatre - JVC Jazz Festival Chicago, IL 6/9/89)

11. Hannibal (Live)

CD 8 - LIVE AT NICE FESTIVAL, FRANCE, JULY 1986 (previously only available on the Tutu Deluxe CD edition)

1. Opening Medley

2. New Blues

3. The Maze

4. Human Nature

5. Portia

6. Splatch

7. Time After Time

8. Carnival Time