Neil Young & Crazy Horse | Psychedelic Pill | 180g Vinyl 3LP Box Set

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The first album of original music from Neil Young and Crazy Horse in almost a decade, including over 85 minutes of music. Psychedelic Pill pokes down pathways that have been hinted at before in this teaming, but never fully explored. New textures emerge in the music, new landscapes in the lyrics. In many ways, Psychedelic Pill rounds out an array of probing works with prominent autobiographical threads. Fans that have been waiting for Young to unleash on the guitar, and set about to jamming as he's been doing as far back as 1967's Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere will find plenty to love. Yep, this is Young and Co. unbridled, untamed, unmitigated. The opening tune, "Driftin' Back," clocks in at more than 27 minutes. The aptly titled "Walk Like a Giant" logs more than 16 minutes. Psychedelic Pill is all about the grooves, rhythms, hooks, electricity, and transcendent feelings that occur when rock music works inside your mind, body, and spirit.


LP Track Listings:


LP 1 _ Side A

1. Driftin' Back (Part 1)


LP 1 _ Side B

1. Driftin' Back (Part 2)

2. Psychedelic Pill


LP 2 _ Side A

1. Psychedelic Pill (Alternate Mix)

2. Ramada Inn (Going South)


LP 2 _ Side B

1. Born In Ontario

2. Twisted Road

3. She's Always Dancing

4. For The Love of Man


LP 3 _ Side A

1. Walk Like A Giant


LP 3 _ Side B

Etching on Side B