Ornette Coleman | Beauty Is a Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings | 6-CD Set

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Probably the most influential avant-garde musician in the world, Ornette Coleman has been a leading force in jazz since his startling debut in the late '50s, Coleman's emotive alto saxophone style relies on melodic improvisation unbound by chord changes. This style (and philosophy) was dubbed by Ornette "harmelodics" and reached its peak in a small combo whose virtuoso playing had the power of the blues and the multi-rhythmic sophistication of Monk, Mingus, or Coltrane.


The landmark series of albums Coleman released in the late '50s and early '60s still define the shape of jazz to come. The six-CD Beauty Is A Rare Thing box set showcases the "free jazz" pioneer's most seminal sides, featuring his entire recorded output for Atlantic Records from 1959 to 1962 in chronological orderãplus half a dozen previously unreleased tracks. This essential collection also includes a huge booklet of photos, a detailed history of his life and music, and commentary from jazz luminaries, including Ornette himself!


Released for Ornette's 85th birthday, this is a reconfiguration of the original Rhino box set which brought these legendary recordings out on CD for the first time, Beauty Is A Rare Thing is presented in a sleek, hard clamshell box, with the CDs held in elegant card sleeves and a glossy 70-page booklet.

Track Listings:

1. Focus on Sanity
2. Chronology
3. Peace
4. Congeniality
5. Lonely Woman
6. Monk and the Nun
7. Just for You
8. Eventually
9. Una Muy Bonita
10. Bird Food
11. Change of the Century
12. Music Always

1. The Face of the Bass
2. Forerunner
3. Free
4. The Circle with a Hole in the Middle
5. Ramblin'
6. Little Symphony
7. The Tribes of New York
8. Kaleidoscope
9. Rise and Shine
10. Mr. and Mrs. People
11. Blues Connotation
12. I Heard It Over the Radio

1. P.S. Unless One Has (Blues Connotation No. 2)
2. Revolving Doors
3. Brings Goodness
4. Joy of A Toy
5. To Us
6. Humpty Dumpty
7. The Fifth of Beethoven
8. Motive for Its Use
9. Moon Inhabitants
10. The Legend of Bebop
11. Some Other
12. Embraceable You
13. All

1. Folk Tale
2. Poise
3. Beauty Is A Rare Thing
4. First Take
5. Free Jazz

1. Proof Readers
2. W.R.U.
3. Check Up
4. T & T
5. C & D
6. R.P.D.D.
7. The Alchemy of Scott LaFaro

1. EOS
2. Enfant
3. Ecars
4. Cross Breeding
5. Harlem's Manhattan
6. Mapa