Paul Weller | Wild Wood | 180 Gram LP

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Paul Weller deservedly regained his status as the Modfather with his second solo album, Wild Wood. Here he picks up on the classicism of his solo debut, adding heavy elements of pastoral British Folk and Traffic-styled trippiness. Featuring a yearning introspection and clean production that feels a bit rustic and Homemade, and the result is his first masterwork since ending The Jam. A critically acclaimed piece of work that reached #2 in the UK charts. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl.


1. Sunflower
2. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)
3. Wild Wood
4. Instrumental One
5. All The Pictures On The Wall
6. Has My Fire Really Gone Out?
7. Country
8. Instrumental Two
9. 5th Season
10. The Weaver
11. Instrumental One
12. Foot Of The Mountain
13. Shadow Of The Sun
14. Holy Man
15. Moon On Your Pyjamas