Pete Doherty | Hamburg Demonstrations | Vinyl LP

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The highly anticipated new solo album from the Libertines frontman Pete Doherty has arrived!

Hamburg Demonstrations was recorded, produced & mixed by Johann Scheerer (Faust/Bosnian Rainbows/Gallon Drunk/Omar Rodriguez-Lopez) at Clouds Hill Recordings, Hamburg (Germany) using an 8 Track 2" Studer A820 tape machine and mixed onto a 1/4" Telefunken master machine. 

Peter who had always wanted to record in Hamburg, particularly as it's where the Beatles learned their trade, was referred to Clouds Hill Recordings and turned up on their doorstep unannounced the next day. He fell in love with the studio and based himself there for the next six months. 

Hamburg Demonstrations includes a new recording of the Amy Winehouse tribute 'Flags Of The Old Regime'. The album also features 'Hell to Pay At The Gates of Heaven' written after the Paris attacks last November - it laments the fact that young people are now picking up guns instead of guitars - "Come on boys choose your weapon J-45 or AK-47" (Gibson J-45 being John Lennon's favorite acoustic guitar). 


LP Track Listing:

1. Kolly Kibber

2. Down For The Outing

3. Birdcage

4. Hell To Pay At The Gates Of Heaven

5. Flags From The Old Regime

6. I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone) V2

7. A Spy In The House Of Love

8. Oily Boker

9. I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone)

10. The Whole World Is Our Playground

11. She is Far