Pete Townshend | All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (Half-Speed Master) | 180g Vinyl LP

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Limited Edition Heavyweight 180-Gram Gold Vinyl

Remastered At Abbey Road With Half-Speed Mastering Process

Released in 1982 Townshend’s next solo release garnered a four-star review in Rolling Stone “Townshend's arrangements surge and subside as gracefully as anything in rock; they're neither static nor jolting. Although the tunes and chord changes won't surprise most Who listeners, they sink in fast, from ‘Stop Hurting People‘ (‘The Song Is Over’ rocks out) to ‘Slit Skirts’ (‘Slip Kid’ grows up). Townshend adds a few rhythms to his portfolio — reggae in ‘Exquisitely Bored’, triplets in ‘Communication’ and a ruffles-and-flourishes march in ‘Uniforms’”.

The album contains the singles ‘Face Dances pt 2’ and ‘Uniforms (Corps D’Espirit)’ and a companion promotional video featuring seven of the tracks was made for the fledgling MTV Network.

Track Listing:

1. Stop Hurting People

2. The Sea Refuses No River

3. Prelude

4. Face Dances Part Two

5. Exquisitely Bored

6. Communication

7. Stardom In Acton

8. Uniforms (Corp d'esprit)

9. North Country Girl

10. Somebody Saved Me

11. Slit Skirts