Power Trip | Manifest Decimation | Vinyl LP

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We've got the old guard covered but what's been going on in the thrash underground since the '80s hey-day? Power Trip knows; the most crucial thrash band in years.

Dallas band Power Trip play frantic crossover thrash that makes for amazing live shows. (They've toured, and are pals with, Trash Talk, and more than hold their own.) At any given time, whirling dervish Frontman Riley Gale can sound like Lemmy fronting Cro-Mags, Discharge, Exodus, or Nuclear Assault; other times, he locates a grizzlier tone that evokes guys wearing corpsepaint.

On the quintet's huge-sounding eight-song debut LP Manifest Decimation on Southern Lord, they match the live intensity: The collection, which follows demos, 7"'s, and compilation appearances, finds the band easily filling 35 minutes with great riffs, catchy shout-along choruses, legit "mosh parts," and brief ambient excurisions that don't take away from the overall intensity. The cover art, by Italian artist Paolo "Madman" Girardi, gives you an idea of that atmosphere, which includes samples about both death and Texas.

LP Track Listing:

1. Manifest Decimation
2. Heretic's Fork
3. Conditioned To Death
4. Murderer's Row
5. Crossbreaker
6. Drown
7. Power Trip
8. The Hammer Of Doubt