Radiohead | Amnesiac | Vinyl 2LP

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Although it's more song-driven and acoustic than Kid A, Radiohead's Amnesiac was hulled from the same sessions and it marked the first time in the band's career that a new record didn't bring about a complete shift in artistic priorities. It's nevertheless another brilliant offering from the most musically innovative band in modern music and another fine example of the fact that they're comfortably in a league all their own.

LP Track Listing:

LP 1

1. Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box

2. Pyramid Song

3. Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors

4. You And Whose Army?

5. I Might Be Wrong

LP 2

1. Knives Out

2. Morning Bell/Amnesiac

3. Dollars and Cents

4. Hunting Bears

5. Like Spinning Plates

6. Life In a Glasshoue