Rush | Presto | 200g Vinyl LP

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200 Gram Vinyl LP

Presto is generally held by fans to have marked the beginning of a transition period, moving away from a sound dominated by synthesizers and toward more traditional rock instrumentation and pop songwriting. In an interview in Canadian Musician, Geddy Lee explained:

"We wanted [Presto] to be more of a singer's album, and I think you'll notice that the arrangements musically support the vocals. . . . Neil's lyrics to me are a lot more heartfelt. Presently, they're experience oriented. I think they deal with living . . . This album was a real reaction against technology in a sense. I was getting sick and tired of working with computers and synthesizers. Fortunately, so was [co-producer] Rupert Hine. . . . We made a pact to stay away from strings, pianos, and organs—to stay away from digital technology. In the end, we couldn't resist using them for colour."


LP Track Listing:

1. Show Don't Tell

2. Chain Lightning

3. The Pass

4. War Paint

5. Scars

6. Presto

7. Superconductor

8. Anagram (for Mongo)

9. Red Tide

10. Hand Over Fist

11. Available Light