Saxon | Eagles & Dragons | Limited Edition 180g 9LP Vinyl Box Set

  • $ 124.99

Limited nine 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP box set

Demon Records is proud to announce the first Saxon release in a new deal: a nine album vinyl box set, containing all of Saxon's classic studio albums released between 1991 and 2009 (Solid Ball Of Rock, Forever Free, Dogs Of War, Unleash The Beast, Metalhead, Killing Ground, Lionheart, The Inner Sanctum, and Into The Labyrinth).

The hand-numbered outer slipcase box features a specially-commissioned, beautiful brand new cover painting by Saxon's artist-in-residence, the legendary Paul Gregory. All nine albums have previously only had extremely limited releases on vinyl in either Germany, Italy or the UK. We now present them all with inner sleeves featuring all the lyrics.

LP Track Listing:

Solid Ball of Rock
1 Solid Ball of Rock
2 Altar of the Gods
3 Requiem (We Will Remember)
4 Lights in the Sky
5 I Just Can't Get Enough
6 Baptism of Fire
7 Ain't Gonna Take It
8 I'm on Fire
9 Overture in B - Minor / Refugee
10 Bavarian Beaver
11 Crash Dive

Forever Free
1 Forever Free
2 Hole in the Sky
3 Just Wanna Make Love to You
4 Get Down and Dirty
5 Iron Wheels
6 One Step Away
7 Can't Stop Rockin'
8 Nighthunter
9 Grind
10 Cloud Nine

Dogs of War
1 Dogs of War
2 Burning Wheels
3 Don't Worry
4 Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)
5 Hold on
6 The Great White Buffalo
7 Demolition Alley
8 Walking Through Tokyo
9 Give It All Away
10 Yesterday's Gone

Unleash the Beast
1 Gothic Dreams
2 Unleash the Beast
3 Terminal Velocity
4 Circle of Light
5 The Thin Red Line
6 Ministry of Fools
7 The Preacher
8 Bloodletter
9 Cut Out the Disease
10 Absent Friends
11 All Hell Breaking Loose

1 Intro
2 Metalhead
3 Are We Travellers in Time
4 Conquistador
5 What Goes Around
6 Song of Evil
7 All Guns Blazing
8 Prisoner
9 Piss Off
10 Watching You
11 Sea of Life

Killing Ground
1 Intro
2 Killing Ground
3 Court of the Crimson King
4 Coming Home
5 Until Hell Freezes Over
6 Dragon's Lair
7 You Don't Know What You've Got
8 Deeds of Glory
9 Running for the Border
10 Shadows on the Wall
11 Rock Is Our Life

1 Witchfinder General
2 Man and Machine
3 The Return
4 Lionheart
5 Beyond the Grave
6 Justice
7 To Live By the Sword
8 Jack Tars
9 English Man O'War
10 Searching for Atlantis
11 Flying on the Edge

The Inner Sanctum
1 State of Grace
2 Need for Speed
3 Let Me Feel Your Power
4 Red Star Falling
5 I've Got to Rock (To Stay Alive)
6 If I Was You
7 Going Nowhere Fast
8 Ashes to Ashes
9 Empire Rising
10 Attila the Hun

Into the Labyrinth
1 Battalions of Steel
2 Live to Rock
3 Demon Sweeney Todd
4 The Letter
5 Valley of the Kings
6 Slow Lane Blues
7 Crime of Passion
8 Premonition in D Minor
9 Voice
10 Protect Yourselves
11 Hellcat
12 Come Rock of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)
13 Coming Home [Bottleneck Version]