Sly & The Family Stone | Original Album Classics | 180g 5LP Vinyl Box Set

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Sly & The Family Stone's first 5 influential and groundbreaking albums back on vinyl!

  • 5 LP 180gram, limited edition box set offers music fans and collectors the chance to own 5 Sly & The Family Stone classic albums in one slipcase!
  • Includes: A Whole New Thing, Dance To The Music, Life, Stand!, and There's A Riot Goin' On
  • All 5 LPs are exact replicas of the original classic albums restored for vinyl
  • Remastered for INCREDIBLE SOUND and sourced from the original master tapes
  • Mastered by Vic Anesini and pressed at URP
  • Featuring many Sly & The Family Stone classics such as –Dance To The Music," "I Want To Take You Higher," "Sing a Simple Song," "Everyday People," "Family Affair," and many more!
  • The astounding funk, irresistible melodies, psychedelic guitars and deep rhythms of Sly & The Family Stone have never sounded better!

There was no precedent for Sly & The Family Stone.

Sly & The Family Stone laid down a template that not only inspired an era of youthful rebellion and independence as the '60s turned into the '70s, but also had (and continues to have) a potent effect on the course of modern music in general. Sly's DNA is traceable to every cell of the musical stratosphere.

Back in 1967, this interracial, mixed-gender combo harnessed all the disparate social and musical trends of the era and burst onto the scene with their debut album and completely shook up the musical landscape with a brilliant fusion of soul, rock, R&B, psychedelia and an emerging genre soon to be dubbed funk. The sound was powerful, joyous and delivered all the things one hoped to find in music: the thrill of the new, the excitement of the unexpected, a galvanizing groove and lyrics that actually said something. This thrilling combination saw Sly almost permanently perched at the top end of album and singles charts of the late '60s and early '70s, and saw his legacy as one of the most innovative artists in music history established.

Sly & the Family Stone's first five albums are collected in full in this exclusive vinyl box set, all LP's are exact replicas of the original classic albums and have been remastered for incredible sound and sourced from the original master tapes. Taken together, these albums define the best and most important work of Sly & the Family Stone's career; anyone interested in the history of funk and R&B (or any pop music from the '60s) should have this music in their collection.



This debut album from Sly & The Family Stone was released to critical acclaim in 1967. Showcasing the band's tight musicianship and Sly's adventurous song construction, this is the album that started it all.


Side A

1. Underdog

2. If This Room Could Talk

3. Run, Run, Run

4. Turn Me Loose

5. Let Me Hear It From You

6. Advice


Side B

1. I Cannot Make It

2. Trip To Your Heart

3. I Hate To Love Her

4. Bad Risk

5. That Kind Of Person

6. Dog



Sly & The Family Stone came into their own with their second album. Bursting with joy and invention, it brought the band their first commercial success while the title track became a genuine all time classic.


Side A

1. Dance To The Music

2. Higher

3. I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)

4. Dance To The Medley (Music Is Alive-Dance In-Music Lover)


Side B

1. Ride The Rhythm

2. Color Me True

3. Are You Ready

4. Don't Burn Baby

5. I'll Never Fall In Love Again



Released just a few months after Dance to the Music, Life relied more on fuzz guitars and psychedelia to deliver brilliant, intoxicating slices of funk-pop that are hard to resist.


Side A

1. Dynamite!

2. Chicken

3. Plastic Jim

4. Fun

5. Into My Own Thing

6. Harmony


Side B

1. Life

2. Love City

3. I'm An Animal

4. M'Lady

5. Jane Is A Groupee



Stand! is the pinnacle of Sly & The Family Stone's early work, a record that represents a culmination of the group's musical vision and accomplishment. Stand! integrates astounding funk, irresistible melodies, psychedelic guitars and deep rhythms. Add to this a sharpened sense of pop songcraft and Sly's social conscious and the result is utterly stunning.


Side A

1. Stand!

2. Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey

3. I Want To Take You Higher

4. Somebody's Watching You

5. Sing A Simple Song


Side B

1. Everyday People

2. Sex Machine

3. You Can Make It If You Try



Riot is unlike any of Sly & The Family Stone's other albums. Stripped of the effervescence that flowed through his previous albums, it is a dark come down from the late '60s high. What makes Riot so remarkable is that it's hard not to get drawn in with him, as you're seduced by the narcotic grooves, seductive vocals slurs, leering electric pianos, and crawling guitars.


Side A

1. Luv N' Haight

2. Just Like A Baby

3. Poet

4. Family Affair

5. Africa Talks To You (–The Asphalt Jungle")

6. There's A Riot Goin' On


Side B

1. Brave and Strong

2. (You Caught Me) Smilin'

3. Time

4. Spaced Cowboy

5. Runnin' Away

6. Thank You For Talkin' To Me, Africa