Sublime | Second Hand Smoke | Vinyl 2LP

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Newly Remastered - Vinyl Debut

Although technically considered a compilation album, Second-Hand Smoke originally featured previously unreleased material as well as remixed versions of previous released tracks. It is regarded as the band's final album.

Released in 1997, Second-Hand Smoke is platinum certified by the RIAA.

LP Track Listing:

LP 1
1.Doin' Time
2.Get Out!
4.New Realization
5.Don't Push
6.Slow Ride
7.Chick On My Tip
8.Had A Dat
9.Trenchtown Rock

LP 2
2.Drunk Drivin'
3.Saw Red
4.Garbage Grove
5.April 29th, 1992 (Leary)
6.Superstar Punani
7.Legal Dub
8.What's Really Goin' Wrong
9.Doin' Time
10.Thanx Dub