Tame Impala | Innerspeaker | 120g Vinyl 2LP

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Tame Impala are a rainbow sandstorm of stoned riffage, mindbending melody and blissed out adventurism from the most isolated city in the world who echo the lighter side of Cream, Blue Cheer and Kyuss. This is the long-awaited fully distributed release of their debut album, Innerspeaker in North America.

Innerspeaker is Tame Impala's chance to paint a far more extensive picture, and sure enough it redrafts the entire Tame Impala world as we knew it into an explosive, cosmic wonderland of ecstatic harmony and perfectly accessible journeys into inner space.

Recorded and produced by the bands own Kevin Parker with Death In Vegas Tim Holmes on the engineer duties, in an enormous mansion with 180 degree views of the Indian Ocean. It was then mixed in upstate New York, by renowned sonic maverick Dave Fridmann (MGMT/Flaming Lips).

LP Track Listing:

LP1 - Side A

1. It Is Not Meant to Be

2. Desire Be Desire Go

3. Alter Ego

LP1 - Side B

1. Lucidity

2. Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?

3. Solitude Is Bliss

LP 2 - Side A

1. Jeremy's Storm

2. Expectation

3. Bold Arrow of Time

LP 2 - Side B

1. Runway, Houses, City, Clouds

2. I Don't Really Mind