The Afghan Whigs | Black Love | Deluxe Edition 180g Vinyl 3LP

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20th Anniversary reissue of the Afghan Whigs' fifth album, Black Love. This is the original album plus demos, B-sides and rarities.

Evolving from a garage punk band in the vein of the Replacements, Dinosaur Jr., and Mudhoney to a literate, pretentious, soul-inflected post-punk quartet, the were one of the most critically acclaimed alternative Afghan Whigs bands of the early '90s. Although the band never broke into the mainstream, they developed a dedicated cult following, primarily because of lead singer/songwriter Greg Dulli's tortured, angst-ridden tales of broken relationships and self-loathing. the Afghan Whigs were one of the few alternative bands around in the late '90s to acknowledge R&B, attempting to create a fusion of soul and post-punk.


Full Length Vinyl 1

Side A 

01 Crime Scene Part One (Remastered)
02 My Enemy (Remastered)
03 Double Day (Remastered)

Side B

01 Blame, Etc. (Remastered)
02 Step Into The Light (Remastered)
03 Going To Town (Remastered)

Full Length Vinyl 2

Side A

01 Honky's Ladder (Remastered)
02 Night By Candlelight (Remastered)
03 Bulletproof (Remastered)

Side B

01 Summer's Kiss (Remastered)
02 Faded (Remastered)

Full Length Vinyl 3

Side A 

01 Go To Town (Acoustic Version/Mix)
02 Leaving Town Mix 1.0
03 Faded - Demo
04 Regret
05 Crime Scene Part II Mix 1.1 (with Scratch Vocals)

Side B
01 Mick Taylor Jam
02 Wynton Kelly Jam
03 I Often Think of You
04 Staring Across The Water


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